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Indivdiual  Coaching


Individual Executive Coaching

I help you radically improve your performance and uncover what’s holding you back. Transform how your colleagues and senior management perceive you.

In a constantly evolving world with limited resources, we face global diverse teams, hybrid workforces, and digital transformation. I help executives and leaders make sense of this new landscape.

Our coaching sessions involve deep, honest conversations designed to enhance your self-awareness and spark meaningful change. Using the PRO Model—Person, Role, and Organisation—we examine the psychological factors behind behaviour, aligning your personal growth with your professional role and organisational goals.

I have helped senior leaders in civil service, defence, construction, finance, tech start-ups, digital transformation, consultancy, and more to overcome their challenges.

By the end of our coaching, you will understand yourself, your colleagues, and your organisation better. You'll make better decisions, become braver, more empathetic, ready for difficult conversations, and inspire your team to excel.

Here are the areas of executive coaching I specialise in:

Areas of Executive Coaching I Specialise In

1. Leadership

Today's workforce seeks leaders who offer more than strategic direction; they crave meaning and purpose. Leadership today requires a blend of strategy, morality, and empathy. I help you navigate challenging times, break down silos, manage diverse personalities, build resilience and craft compelling visions and strategies.

2. Stepping Up to Leadership & Team Management

Transitioning into a leadership role or taking on a new team involves understanding and harnessing the dynamics within your team. I guide you in creating a collaborative culture, enhancing communication, building gravitas, managing conflict, setting clear boundaries, and motivating your team.

3. Goal Setting and Attainment

Setting and achieving the right goals is challenging. I help you align your individual goals with broader organisational aims, providing support and strategies to effectively achieve these objectives and overcome any obstacles.

4. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Procrastination and Fear

Many leaders battle feelings of inadequacy or fear. We'll explore what drives these feelings and apply specific techniques to overcome them, including understanding the root causes, supporting exercises, and identifying low-risk opportunities for new approaches.

5. Keynote Presenting and Storytelling

Leveraging my experience as a corporate speaker who has presented to over 120,000 people globally, I transform your presenting skills. Whether it's a keynote to an audience of hundreds, a presentation to the board, or impromptu speeches, I help you with speech writing, stage presence, and overcoming speaking anxiety.

6. Career Transition Coaching

Whether you're seeking an internal promotion, changing careers, or moving to a new company, I help you achieve your goals. We identify and express your values, strengths, and transferable skills. I assist you in crafting compelling CVs and applications to get you to the interview stage and refine your interview techniques to maximise your chances of success. Additionally, if your career has stalled, I help you understand why and discover your best next steps. Whether you want to jump ship or start your own business, together we'll determine the right path. While some clients leave their jobs, most return with a new understanding of themselves and their colleagues, and fall in love with their careers again.


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If you like what you've read so far and want to explore how I can help you and your team, then why not book a 30 minute no obligation, appointment to see if we're a good fit?

Clicking the button below will take you to my Doodle calendar, where you can view my availability for the next two weeks and schedule our Zoom session.


If none of these times are suitable for you, please email my assistant Alyson at, who will endeavour to find a mutually convenient time

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