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My Fees

Many coaches prefer not to publicly disclose their fees, but I believe in being transparent and honest about them, just as I am in my coaching approach. You'll also notice my coaching sessions are 90 minutes rather than an hour, this gives you the time to really explore the issues leading to much deeper insights.

My standard coaching package is six 90 minute sessions (or 9 hours in total).

My minimum coaching package is three 90 minute sessions (or 4.5 hours in total)

I would expect our coaching sessions to be monthly, but this can be adjusted depending on your needs.

My one to one coaching sessions are typically over Zoom/Teams. If you would like to meet in person I do travel but there will be additional fees.

My fees are summarised below.


Corporate Executive Coaching

If your company is funding your coaching my fees are £500 per 90-minute session. For a package of six sessions, the total cost is £3000.



Self-Funded Executive Coaching

If you have chosen to personally fund your coaching, I first want to commend you for investing in yourself. My rate is £400 for each 90-minute session. For a package of six sessions, the total cost is £2400.



Team Coaching

Team Coaching generally takes place in person. I normally work with no more than 12 people at a time.

If you're interested in team coaching please contact my assistant Aly ( to arrange a time to discuss your specific requirements.


My prices start at £2,500 per day, plus expenses.



Keynote Presentation Coaching

My fees for coaching you ahead of a keynote presentation or speech will vary depending on a range of different factors including your deadlines and whether you need assistance in writing the speech.


Please contact my assistant Alyson at to discuss your specific requirements.


Book a free 30 minute chemistry call

If you like what you've read so far and want to explore how I can help you and your team, then why not book a 30 minute, no obligation appointment to see if we're a good fit?

Clicking the button below will take you to my Doodle calendar, where you can view my availability for the next two weeks and schedule our Zoom session.


If none of these times are suitable for you, please email my assistant Alyson at, who will endeavour to find a mutually convenient time

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