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Team Coaching


Many teams, especially at the Senior Leadership level, often struggle to reach their full potential. Managers frequently allocate more time and resources to their primary teams (the teams they lead) because their performance evaluations are based on these teams' success. This focus can hinder cross-departmental collaboration, as team members may prioritise their own goals over the team's success.


This challenge manifests in several ways:

  • Failure to achieve objectives

  • Missing deadlines

  • Engaging in arguments and blaming each other for failures

  • Failing to make decisions

  • Agreeing in meetings but not following through

  • Speaking negatively about the team to external colleagues

Common behaviours in low-performing teams are:

  • Talking over each other instead of listening

  • Arriving late or leaving early from meetings

  • Missing their individual deadlines

  • Not being prepared for the meeting

  • More interested in safeguarding personal and departmental reputations over team success


Leading a team can be challenging but also highly rewarding. I help teams build trust, empathy, collaboration, accountability, and a focus on delivery.


My role is to guide teams through understanding and optimising their dynamics within the larger context of their organisation and industry. I focus on several areas to enhance team performance and cohesion:

My work with Teams

1. Exploring Team Dynamics:

I examine how team members interact, communicate, and resolve conflicts. For your team to perform at its best, everyone must understand each member's leadership and communication style, strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for improving collaboration and overall team health.

2. Aligning with Organisational Goals:

I ensure the team's objectives align with the broader goals of the organisation. This involves understanding the organisational culture and strategy, helping the team contribute effectively to these larger objectives.

3. Enhancing Communication:

I focus on improving communication within the team and with other organisational entities. This includes developing skills in active listening, constructive feedback, and open dialogue.

4. Boosting Team Performance:

I help teams elevate their performance by focusing on individual strengths and collective capabilities. This involves clarifying goals, roles, responsibilities, and fostering a shared vision.

5. Navigating Change:

I assist teams in managing organisational changes like new leadership, strategic shifts, or structural changes. My role is to help the team adapt smoothly and maintain productivity and morale.

6. Developing Leadership:

I nurture leadership skills across the team and promote a culture of shared responsibility. This empowers team members to lead in their areas of expertise and contributes to a dynamic, honest, and open team culture.

7. Building Resilience:

I work with teams to develop resilience in facing challenges, stress, and uncertainty. This involves strategies for coping with pressure and setbacks, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

8. Addressing Systemic Issues:

I identify underlying systemic issues affecting the team. This could involve organisational policies, market trends, or societal factors impacting the team's performance.

9. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion:

I enhance the team's understanding and appreciation of diversity. I ensure all team members feel valued and included, leveraging diverse perspectives for better decision-making and innovation.

As a systemic team coach, I aim to create a cohesive, agile, and strategically aligned team that can navigate today's business complexities. My approach fosters continuous improvement, adaptability, and collective excellence.


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