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Unlock Your Full
Career Potential.
Revitalise Your Relationships

At Work.
Fall In Love With
Your Career

What I Do

What I Do

If you've ever said to yourself:

How do I lead more effectively?

How do I get a promotion?

How do I develop gravitas?

How do I stop feeling like an imposter?

Why does my team act this way?

Why is my boss difficult?

How do I become a better communicator?

How do I become more resilient?

How do I achieve more?

I love my job but...

Then I can help.

I provide three main services:

  1. Individual Executive Coaching
    I help you radically improve your performance and uncover what’s holding you back. Transform how your colleagues and senior management perceive you.


  2. Team Coaching
    I help you create a high-performing team. We will uncover all the underlying issues, leading to better understanding and communication. Your team will collaborate more effectively leading to improved performance and accountability. Make your Senior Leadership Team stronger, more focused, and highly effective.


  3. Career Transition Coaching
    If you're feeling burned out or your career has stalled, I will help you discover your best next steps. Whether you want to jump ship or start your own business, together we will determine the right path. While some clients leave their jobs, many return with a new understanding of themselves and their colleagues, and fall in love with their careers again.


No Ordinary Executive Coach

There are thousands of coaches out there, but you won't find anyone like me.

Twenty-two years ago, at 28, I launched my own training business. At 35, I became an Edinburgh Festival stand-up comic, all to win a £1 bet, and then became an International Corporate Speaker.


Over the past 22 years, I have spoken to 120,000 people across 17 countries. During that time, I dedicated five years to becoming a Coaching and Business Psychologist and a Psychodynamic Executive Coach.

I specialise in helping executives like you reach your full career potential, transforming your relationships with colleagues, increasing your influence, and improving how you are perceived by senior management.


My coaching style combines humour, plain talking and deeply honest and insightful conversations, all grounded in the PRO Coaching Model.

The Pro Coaching Manual

The PRO Coaching Model

PRO stands for:

Person, Role and Organisation. These are the three key components that are driving your conscious and unconscious behaviours.

The PRO Model helps you uncover and understand the three key factors influencing your behaviour and your colleagues' behaviour in the organisation.



Your personality type, your first team (your family) and your past experiences drive your behaviour. Understanding this is the first step in achieving real personal growth and change.


You juggle a diversity of roles daily, from being a leader, a team member, a colleague, a partner, a parent, a sibling, a son, or a daughter. All these roles interact and affect your and your colleagues' behaviour at work.

At work, are you the peacemaker, the funny one, or the one who asks difficult questions? Has your group inadvertently forced you to behave in certain ways? Are you the one who is always providing the answer? Are your people afraid to act on their own initiative because you micro-manage and they fear your disapproval? Or is it you who fears the disapproval of others?


Is how you relate to others causing conflict or are you a pushover? By identifying the roles you play you will find new ways to communicate, develop better boundaries and gain profound insights to better understand yourself and your colleagues.



Organisational culture, leadership styles, decision-making processes, corporate history, internal politics, groupthink and even the 'mood' of your colleagues, industry, and potentially society, all impact how you and your colleagues behave. You'll learn how hidden organisational dynamics can sway your decisions and interactions and how to navigate these tricky waters to achieve your goals.

Coaching Clients Include

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